I create; to feel; a storyline; a movie; a score.   

Sagarmatha anchors this song. The cradle and its peak; the point of no return;  a movie;  streamed across my mind.  

Evolving drums; different color's hit and bit; cracking.  Complex sound design; an avalanche.  Tibetan horns; a lonely pull; up the lines; towards mystery; your journey. 

Find a sherpa; climb a mountain.  ཞི་བདེ 



Fifty Three Degrees

Hello!   I set the music of my song "Fifty Three Degrees" to some video footage for a different listening experience.  Here is the link to the video:  "Fifty Three Degrees"  

or you can also find it on youtube at:   Fifty Three Degrees 

or on my facebook page at: Fifty Three Degrees 

I do continue to cobble away at brand new material and hope to share a draft of something else I have been working on in a couple of weeks.  

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Thank You; I greatly appreciate your support!  Have a great weekend!  


A Telegram from Aliens


The photograph of the very cool graffiti art work depicted on my song single was shot by Liana De Laurent and downloaded using a Creative Commons License from  The graffiti captured in the photo is vibrant, full of energy, mysterious and absolutely spectacular. It felt just right for my latest song. 


Echo Chamber

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Our Time

I used to make original music on an old four-track player. It is so interesting to listen back and to hear how "bad" this music sounded (tape hiss and warble) when referenced against "today's" digital environment standards. However, these weaknesses also had a tremendous endearing quality to my ears and I attempted to capture that sentiment in my new song called "Our Time". The song has a nostalgic feel upfront and then transitions into an uplifting and moving arrangement at the end.