My name is David Husted.  I live in Southern Maryland and I like to make music.  All my songs are original creations and lean toward a modern rock feel with plenty of musical style diversions along the way.  My musical training is as a keyboard player.  This allows a "Do It Yourself" musician such as myself many creative options.  The power of technology today allows my keyboard to sound like a kick-ass guitarist, drummer, singer and full on rock band all at the same time.   The power of technology and my own persistence have also allowed me to produce, mix and master this music on my own.  This was simply not possible ten years ago and I have come to preach the good news to those who have similar music creation aspirations.

What am I working on now?  Well;  I continue to make music of course.  I just completed my fourth full length album called "Perfect Storm".
What else do I do?   I play in a local "rock" cover band called WildGood.  This is the best band and the best group of people to jam with in Southern Maryland.  We play out live at local pubs approximately one time a month and always have a blast.  If you are nearby, come on out and check us out.  

I started making original music many moons ago with a group of friends that formed a "basement" band we called the "Get-Up".  We have long since departed to different geographic locations around the country but do get together periodically to do some jamming and continue to play original music.  This group provided me the initial inspiration and courage to start making my own music.   I found out that making good original music was within my reach.   

My third full length album is called "It Takes One Drop" and my second is called "In the Dust of This Planet".   All the album art work on "In the Dust of This Planet" is courtesy of my youngest daughter Sarah.  She is a fantastic artist.  I do not have the bandwidth to create or play music full time.  I make this original music on the edges of my life.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of your busy lives to give my music a listen.   Please consider getting on my mailing list and I will send you additional content.   Thanks Again!!