Escher: A Meandering Ponder

Hello Dear Listener, It is interesting how I produce a song.  If you are listening to my new song Escher for the first time, or if you will be listening to it shortly (it will be released on 02 APR…

Escher: In a Nut Shell

Why is it called Escher?  As with all my song's, it is usually a combination of the moment, the music arrangement and the sound particulars.  Finally, the lyrics exactly or by some subtle vibe the atmosphere of the lyrics creates.    



New Music Release:  02 APR 21

New Song's Percolating



I hope to release a new song in the next three weeks.  The tentative name is Escher but this is not locked in yet.  This one has it's own unique vibe...not sure how I would classify the genre but…

Quote of the Week

“The best arguments in the world won't change a person's mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.” 
― Richard Powers, The Overstory

“But people have no idea what time is. They think it’s a line,…

Spotify Movement

Spotify has this new feature where you can upload a very short clip (less than 8 sec) to create some movement on your songs.  I am not sure how valuable this is but I do understand anything that moves catches…

Comatose Video Release


I released a new song called Comatose available on any of your favorite music streaming platforms.  I also recently placed the song into a video format. The video can now be accessed on my Youtube channel: David Husted Music…