The Forever Horizon

….Atmosphere harmony.  Even the sounds are infused 
with quiet.  With his carved stick, the drummer is beating 
in perfect rythym, which means so in tune with 
the whole locale that you are never aware of him, yet the 
flux of

Martin Luther King Jr. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

This was a rapid sketch of MLK I made back in 2012. I believe I may…

Uploaded all of Rome to Youtube


This video is very minimalist and I used a company called Rotor to help me make it.  I really was not going to go through the process of making a video for this particular song but it is hard for…

Latest Song Release: Rome:  

Here is my latest song release called Rome.  Enjoy!





By David Husted 


I didn’t give a damn 

About that boogey man 

He's on the tv screen 

And deep inside Wuhan 


But he got out.    


Quote of the Week

The mere act of observing something changes  
the nature of the thing observed   

Werner Hiesenberg   

Dionysian Wink 

I completed the rough draft of a new song today. This podcast provides a demo of the main riff section which was sound designed using two tracks and two fast synth leads as starter material which I tweaked to match…

Decades Party Extravaganza!

Get your costumes ready and come representing a decade of your choice!! Let's have some fun!! Join Wildgood for a decades party (70s/80s/90s and today) at the Taphouse! Rock with us all night!

When Rome Came Down

Well.......I created a song way back in March of 2020.  If you can think back to that timeframe there was really only one main topic; COVID 19.  At the time, it had not hit the United States in any major…

Domino the Single was officially released today; Wahoo!


My latest song is called Domino and it was released as a single today! 

You can give it a spin on any of your favorite music streaming platforms. A few links to some of the better known streaming platforms…