A walk through a Perfect Storm

I hope you are having a great weekend! 

I recently experimented with a playlist feature on the popular Pandora Music Streaming Platform that allows a curator to add commentary to a chosen playlist.  To experiment with this I used an…

Wild Overgrown Love

Wild Overgrown Love 

By David Husted 

A Henry Jamison song called Real Peach grabbed my attention and I decided to dissect it.  I do this often with songs and usually I lose interest or move on.  This particular song continued…

Sagarmatha Preview

I create; to feel; a storyline; a movie; a score.  

Sagarmatha anchors this song. The cradle and its peak; the point of no return;  a movie;  streamed across my mind. 

Evolving drums; different color's hit and bit; cracking.  Complex sound

Fifty Three Degrees Video

Hello!   I set the music of my song "Fifty Three Degrees" to some video footage for a different listening experience.  Here is the link to the video:  "Fifty Three Degrees" 

or you can also find it on youtube at:   Fifty


Greetings Earthlings, 

Here is David Husted's latest original song called "A Telegram from Aliens". 

Aliens from outer space may be watching your planet and determining whether you are collectively sane or insane and deciding if this planet should be saved…


I am back with a new musical offering.  This song is called Echo Chamber.  It is edgy and unique. 

Here is a link to the Music Video: ECHO CHAMBER

We must listen beyond humanities incessant noise and cruelty for that



I received a release thumbs up from both CdBaby and Spotify for my new song called "Our Time" for April 1st.  The only glitch in the prep process was with CdBaby.  They did not like the use of my…

OUR TIME (new song release in two weeks)


Here is an update on my latest musical meanderings. 

I used to make original music on an old four-track player. It is so interesting to listen back and to hear how "bad" this music sounded (tape hiss and warble)…


            Here is a link to my song Fifty Three Degrees

            The image above provides a visual representation of my song's structure.  The bright green strip across the middle of the image above is a very cool sounding synth pattern that…