The Kettle and the Flame

Greetings,  Here are a few things going on in Dave's world of music.

  1. I am releasing a new single called The Kettle and the Flame on 15 September 2023 to all streaming services (This Friday!).
  2. My latest album called Captured
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Song Reviews for the Week: Theme: Crime Plays

Theme: songs that in some way deal with, or reference a crime or any of its components.

“Guilty” by Gravity Kills: Hearing Nine Inch Nails all over this one and that is a good thing. Powerful, tight kick and bass…

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Quote of the Week

"When all the noise quietens, the moment I know a show is really working is when I feel that the song is singing me, rather than me singing the song.That's a great night.On a really great night you are the…

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I have a brand new single scheduled for release on or around 15 SEP 23 if all goes well. 

 I almost put this song on my latest new album Captured Fragments but chose not to.  I held back because I…

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Word of the Day: Ikigai

used in a sentence: "My ikigai? It's like a catchy 'I-key-guy' tune, guiding me through life's hilarious playlist!" 

Quote of the Week

The philosopher Nietzshe wrote that for anything great to take place in your life, there has to be “long obedience in the same direction.”

Song Reviews of the Week: Theme: Crime Plays

Sunny Came Home: Shawn Colvin

This is such a well produced song.  The acoustic instruments, slow almost "happy" chords set against such somber, fiery lyrics really work well together.

Jailbait Song by Motörhead:  May have hit the spot for me…

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A Classic

  Wow, I remember this classic album from David Husted called Captured Fragments!!! It was released way back in August of 2023.  That was a good year and that album was a big part of the reason why……it kicked ass!!  I…

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In the Stream of Captured Fragments

What is new with You? I hope all is well.

If you are feeling TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) today, here is the point of this particular Blog in one line.

I have a new album called Captured Fragments scheduled

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Song Reviews of the Week: Theme: Sports

“The Spine Surfs Alone” by They Might Be Giants: Led Zeppelin vibe and such fun goofy lyrics…….the song ended and I thought my internet glitched…only 1:19 long….short, sweet and well done….digging that guitar riff midway through too. Sunburn and sore…

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Word of the Day and Quote of the Week: Propitiate

“ …just do the work, go to the interview, see those first clients, you know for Dorothy, just keep going down that yellow brick road, feel the feelings, feel the fear, feel your inadequacy and Do-It-Anyway. Just keep going and…

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