land or sea

What each must seek in his life never was 
on land or sea.  It is something out of his own 
unique potentiality for experience, something 
that never has been and never could have been 
experienced by anyone else 

 Joseph Campbell

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Paint with No Color Spotify Canvas

I created what is called a Spotify Canvas.  This is a feature that those registered as Spotify Artists get to use on any given single release to provide a sense of movement as the song is played; as opposed to…

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Quote of the Week: The Rules of Prediction

People predict by making up stories
People predict very little and explain everything
People live under uncertainty whether they like it or not
People believe they can tell the future if they work hard enough
People accept any explanation as…

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Cover Art for next single

Here is the cover art for my new song Paint with No Color.  The company I distribute my music through also gave me some free credits to create a music lyric video through Rotor Video which is kind of cool…

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Word of the Day: Muddled


new song on the way
couple of weeks
still tweaking it

paint with no color
by David Husted

muddle the fresh mint leaves
sugar and lime, stirred easy
white rum…

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Stranger Things

Since a new season of Stranger Things is now out on Netflix, I thought it would be appropriate to post a song I created several months ago called Comatose.  If you listen to this show's theme song and compare…

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Bootleg of Latest Get-Up Concert! 


Rumors are in from un-verified sources that the band known as the Get-Up met this past weekend and put on a concert for a captivated audience.  An insider claims the music was utterly spectacular.  Like grazing in a field of…

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