“To attain KNOWLEDGE, add things everyday. To attain WISDOM, remove things every day.”

Lao Tzu





Photo by Esteban Amaro 

Quote of the Week: All the Light We Cannot See

"….the light that comes when you burn coal or charcoal or peat…….he said the light you get from a piece of coal is actually sunlight….the point is…..light lasts forever; for a billion years inside a piece of coal. But darkness…

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Poem of the Year

Andrea Gibson wrote this poem after a prompt from her partner in which she said, "write a poem in which you accept a fictional award."   

After learning about Andrea's cancer, her outlook on life in general and the emotional power…

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Word of the Day: Imbibe


The word "imbibe" is a verb that means to consume or drink, especially when referring to beverages, such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. It can also be used more broadly to refer to the act of absorbing or taking…

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Train's Comin'

I have completed a new song today which I will probably not distribute for at least a year.  The timeline varies but this has been my average gestation period.

I will use this song journal under the category "simmering" to…

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The Port


WildGood (the band I perform with) will be at the Port of Leonard Town Winery tonight Friday 6 Rocktober 2023. Come on out, it will be fun. It is outside; sip some fine wine, relax and enjoy the WildGood…

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Word of the Day: Liminal

Liminal: something that is in a transitional or in-between state.

Used in a sentence:

“As the midnight train rattled through the misty, forested valley, the passengers found themselves in a liminal space between the mundane world they knew and the…

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The Kettle and the Flame

Greetings,  Here are a few things going on in Dave's world of music.

  1. I am releasing a new single called The Kettle and the Flame on 15 September 2023 to all streaming services (This Friday!).
  2. My latest album called Captured
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Quote of the Week

"When all the noise quietens, the moment I know a show is really working is when I feel that the song is singing me, rather than me singing the song.That's a great night.On a really great night you are the…

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I have a brand new single scheduled for release on or around 15 SEP 23 if all goes well. 

 I almost put this song on my latest new album Captured Fragments but chose not to.  I held back because I…

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Word of the Day: Ikigai

used in a sentence: "My ikigai? It's like a catchy 'I-key-guy' tune, guiding me through life's hilarious playlist!" 

Quote of the Week

The philosopher Nietzshe wrote that for anything great to take place in your life, there has to be “long obedience in the same direction.”