A walk through a Perfect Storm

I hope you are having a great weekend! 

I recently experimented with a playlist feature on the popular Pandora Music Streaming Platform that allows a curator to add commentary to a chosen playlist.  To experiment with this I used an earlier album I created called Perfect Storm as my playlist.    

Playlist curation provides a different music listening experience and is kind of like the audio track you can turn on as you watch a movie where the director is explaining the film in more detail as the movie proceeds.  Only in this case I am not talking over the song, I am talking just prior to the song.  I call my playlist "A walk through a Perfect Storm" 




If you already use Pandora you should be able to find it once inside the Pandora site by searching on David Husted Playlist .  You can also try this link:  "A walk through a Perfect Storm".   If you do not currently use Pandora you may have to register to enter the site first.  It is free to join.   Let me know what you think? Also let me know if you have trouble accessing the link. This was an experiment for me and I am still learning; I appreciate your help and insights. 

Additional Notes:  Since the playlist appears to be a premium feature of the site you will also have to watch a brief ad similar to what Youtube does to engage the premium feature for free.  I also noted it kicks you out of the playlist halfway through if you are a free user of the site (like me) because it is probably based on time duration.  In this case you will have to simply find the playlist again by searching David Husted Playlist in the site to re-engage it.   

Thank You for sharing a moment with me. 





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