My latest song creation is called "My One and Only".   The song has a line if you listen carefully that says "I missed Gorilla man; he did not miss me".  You may miss it.  I only say it once and it's kind of blurry.    

This line came into my head after I heard a story about an experiment on selective attention.  The study participants think it must be a study of concentration as they are asked to watch a film of a group of people moving and rapidly passing a ball around.  The people watching the film are asked to count how many times the people with white shirts received a pass from other folks wearing white shirts (there are other people in darker shirts also in the crowd, moving and passing a ball around).  When they are later asked how they thought they did on the test, most thought they counted the number of passes pretty accurately.  When they are asked about the Gorilla Man many said they had no recollection of a Gorilla Man and were flabbergasted when they watched a video playback that clearly showed a Gorilla Man in the video. In fact, the Gorilla Man stands plainly right smack in the middle of the video and claps for the camera.  What was even more amazing is that many people were adamant a Gorilla Man could not have been in the the first video they watched and that the playback video had to have been doctored or manipulated.    Now that I have told you the punch line, if you go and watch this on Youtube it will not be quite as interesting, however, it is a great example of selective attention.  If our mind's are even slightly concentrated or pre-occupied on a task we can lose sight of other things right smack in front of us. 

So what does this have to do with my song? I have no f@#king idea!  Ask a just may prove how crazy I am!  ....ha ha ha.     

This song has an upbeat feel and a cool "wah wah" signature sound that walks "through the center" like a Gorilla Man.  I hope you notice it ; )  Enjoy the music and Have a Great Weekend!!  



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