Hello;  I am back once again with a new song.  This one was a blast to create and I learned  some new creation and mixing techniques in the process. 

Here is  a little bit about the song structure.  I had a strong desire to build a song around a more complex chord structure. I avoided the standard whole chord triads and challenged myself.  The patterns I came up with are harder to play, however, I feel the chord structure is more satisfying in the long run. The particular chords I landed on provide a sense of tension and release that fit in with my unsettled emotions better.  

Here are the chords I chose:    

Gmaj7;    Fsus2-9;   Cmaj7;  A7;   C;  BbMaj7;    G4+   

I loved the the G4+ because our ears want that last chord to point us "home" and this chord just refused to cooperate.  That, my friends, is where the magic happens.  It springs up in the nooks and crannies of space, rhythm and tension.  I hear plenty of areas where I could improve the mix but I have learned that time is short and, at some point, one must move onward.     

I am never sure what any of my songs are really about but I think facing demons, overcoming challenge, and coming together get you in the ball park.  Things are way to fractured in the world today. 

Here's to You; Here's to Us 


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