The Get-Up

Once Upon a Time

there was a band called the Get-Up

and they searched for

The Moment That Doesn't Exist

Composed by:

Ed Bejzak, Bill O'Driscoll, Alan Schwartz, David Husted

The Moment That Doesn't Exist

The BLOG: The Moment That Doesn't Exist 

Hello,  This article is about a song created by the Get-Up called "The Moment That Doesn't Exist".  The band the Get-Up is comprised of the following songwriters: Ed Bejzak, Bill O'Driscoll, Alan Schwartz and David Husted. 

The probability that a song created by the Get-Up called "The Moment That Doesn't Exist" would actually exist was low.  I was skeptical that it would make it all the way through to publishing and distribution.  Here's why.   We only had a few hours to create it. To create a full song given these boundaries is pretty amazing.   Luckily the theory (posited by one band member)  that time does not actually exist may have been just the magic needed to spark its creation. 

Here is what we had working against us: 

1.  Lyrics, song structure and chord patterns were not fully developed: The song was less than a skeleton of an idea before we got together (and this was on purpose; we like a challenge) 

2.  Time.  Anyone who plays music realizes you need a lot of this commodity to play music that sounds good, let alone music that you would seriously consider of a quality to share with the world.  This includes practice time, arrangement time, lyric writing time and recording time. Finally, throw in the possibility that Time itself might not actually exist and you are asking for a whole heap of trouble.

3.  Song recording, mixing and mastering experience 

4.  Beer (ok...not really)

Despite all these obstacles everyone put on their game faces (and some were scary) for a couple of focused hours to layer tracks together into a workable stew.  Much had to be done in post production but the creative magic was there from the start and this enabled the creation of something we are all happy to share with our friends and the world. Please forgive any rough edges you may hear given the challenges we faced and enjoy the song even the more for it.  I know I do. 

An exciting thing (to us) about this particular Get-Up original is that we were able to distribute and publish it.  A Spotify link is provided here: Spotify.  This link is one public source of many now streaming and/or housing our song.  You can also find "the Moment That Doesn't Exist" on Itunes,   Google Play , CDBaby , Youtube and many other music sites.


Thank You once again for sharing a moment with me and please enjoy the "The Moment That Doesn't Exist" created by the Get-Up.

Until Next Time, Have a fantastic weekend 



FootNote:  Session pictures were captured by Alan Schwartz and are the main reason he is not in any of the photos; 

Thank You Alan