From the recording "It Takes One Drop"


I’m like Repo man; A Glam Fan; a “Might Have Been” A Vegan tap dancing back with the mannequins
Wearing Ramayana Panda Pajamas. The Joker’s, smoking, toking with Hanumen
If I could go back I’d rap flap with Zappa; Let go all the Crap I’m lack-ack-ack-ing
I feel little low I’m gonna re-enact that Splat Boom Bam BA-DAT Wam of Batman’s

Gimme a slice of greasy pizza with a bad ass Pint of Pale Ale Please
Work through my heart pal-palpitations, Doctor say I might forgot my Pace Maker
Tic-tac-toe and Dominoes; down in the Bat Cave as Alfred dozes
Uncorked a bottle of Romanee-St. Vivant (Ro-ma-nay Seng-Vee-vahng), Cat Woman dancing without her shoes on


Who will measure the price we pay
The cost of blind faith in empty promises
Are we doomed to repeat our sins?
Succumb to Hate’s Loud Ignorance
It takes just one Drop of Love Remaining

Post CH

To Change the World

Patterns are repeating, Patterns never lie, Lemon Drops and Rosemary; Happiness Imbibed
Where time and love bend, Coming Hard Around that line, Shaping our ghosts, to move without the mind