1. Rome

From the recording Many Faces

1/6/22 8:30 PM
My next song in the queue will be called "Rome". Some of you may have heard a demo version of this already. I first became aware of COVID-19 when it hit Italy. The slow looming cloud of its potential impact crept into my skull at that point and, despite my best efforts, it sneaked into a song. Since we are largely past the worst of this storm, I feel better I about letting my song go. I expect to release it to the world in about a month.
Thank You so much for tolerating my musical muse!
I appreciate

4/12/20 5:31 PM


Well; this is about COVID-19. Hopefully by the time you are hearing this the Pandemic will be largely over (cross fingers) and the ordeal just bitter memory deep in our mind vaults. I could not release this during that crazy time period precisely because I felt too close to it. However, it was the song that arrived at that time and I believe I am ready to share it with you now.

I felt the virus as a boogey man underneath my bed (like when you were a kid). Parents said he's not real yet the hairs on the back of my neck raised up anyway. The 6 ft distance became a symbol for separation and mandated "sheltering in place" Zombiehood distancing from human warmth. I am an introvert by nature so this separation was probably not good for me on the whole. My immediate family helped to save me on a daily basis just by being themselves. Thank You.

There is a fair bit of fear and pleading laced throughout the song. It is not cheery (sorry about that) but it is a cool song none-the-less and captures the essence of my mood during this time. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


By David Husted

I didn’t give a damn
About that boogey man
He's on the tv screen
And deep inside Wuhan


But he got out.
Of that; there's no doubt
Then he pulled a fast one, and snuck on an airplane
Then Rome came down

Pre ch
Then Rome Came Down


Don't mince words with me
He's the enemy
Go wash your hands, don’t touch your face, cough in your elbow
Give me FUCKING 6 feet

Don't Panic!, run!, run!, run!, Don't Panic!, run!, run!, run!


{Time to Scat!}