Song Demo

I made a blog post on 15 July 22 in which the last paragraph reads like this: 

"I have three things going on: brand new song in creation with a very traditional, simple acoustic guitar vibe, almost country-ish but also not. I still have yet to lay down the vocal tracks on this and that is usually a daunting task for me.  It has a working title of 93 Million Miles but that could change." 

Since writing this, I have incorporated a vastly different sound to the chorus where I use a TC Helicon VOX effect that makes the voice sound full old school Kanye West. In fact, the pre-set is called Kanye Lockdown.  I had a blast fooling around singing with this effect on and my first vocal track attempts reflect this to a comical extent.  So comical I decided it would be best to only share with myself.  I was lucky enough to be able to feature a new up and coming vocalist named Jeffrey Husted. He agreed to sing the chorus and bridge section. Thx Jeff!

This song is still several weeks away from final mixing and probably several months away from final mastering and distribution. I'll keep you posted when it gets closer to a final product.

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