Moonbeam Blue


Here is a snippet from my latest song to be released called Moonbeam Blue.  This is located in my music vault which you can now access using passcode "blue".  Thank You for dropping by my website.  I appreciate.

Here is a bit more detail on the song's development below.

I am currently putting final production tweaks on my next song release. It features a Ukulele! The sweet laid-back arpeggiated Hawaiian textures are counter-balanced by a reversed sampled pad effect that creates a more surreal edgy vibe that hints at the story to follow. This pad was created using recorded samples of reverb tails created from the very instruments playing in the song itself. This sample is then reversed and carved up a bit. This texture adds a strange, yet familiar feel and gluing effect that I liked. The percussive sweetener details and the push and pull of room space as the song progresses were a strong artistic design focus areas. They help to create and solidify the moonlit beach fire atmosphere. This crucible helped the luminosity of the vocal story-telling to come to life. Later I add a Chinese Yangqin instrumental section just because I could. What's all that plucking about anyway Dave? This song captures that state of mind between awake and dream; sanity and madness. A place perhaps you have encountered yourself at times in life. It happens to be one of my personal favorite musical offerings of the year. I hope you enjoy.  

"In the night by the light of the fire I lost my mind. 
near the pools, along the sand, 
world between the do and don't of the mad" 

I tentatively plan to release this song in the next several weeks pending recovery of my mind. It is now scheduled for 13 January 2023.

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Take care of yourselves. Happy Holidays. 





 Photo by Marc James on Unsplash

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