Song Reviews of the Week: Theme: Sports

“Camptown Races” by Johnny Cash

This must have been played fairly often in my childhood (school, kid shows?) because it is so familiar. Like an old children’s rhyme or story. The repetitive doo dahs have a way of sticking in the brain like an earworm jingle. Interesting from a historical context but I do not love much about the song itself and the history and environments these songs brewed out of make me uncomfortable…discuss class.

“Surfin’ Cow”

“Surfin’ Cow” by The Dead Milkmen: Do not know this band well. They remind a bit of the Pixies. I like the edginess. Surfs up Dude.

“The Distance” by Cake

This song is such a quirky, fun ride.  It's got something special about it that is sets you up with a perfect music adventure. Is it the bass? the VOX? the somewhat goofy backups? the horns The transistor radio thingy  Not sure…they all combine to make a cool song. 

“The Yankee Flipper” by The Baseball Project

The two chord verse strums felt sort of like throw-in adds to a story one might tell with friends at a local bar about a baseball musician friend they know. It’s like at the bar one of the friends said…hey good story…I recorded it and now I am going to build a cool song around it. I like the song in that “novelty” sort of way.



“Ted Fucking Williams” by The Baseball Project

“Ted Fucking Williams”by The Baseball Project: what are the chances that both these tunes ended up on the same week. See my comments above regarding “novelty”. I prob like this song a tad more musically. This band would be fun to watch live I am sure in that walk in to a bar randomly and they are playing way but does not seem like a sustainable band kind of thing but more a fun, on the side, kind of thing between baseball loving musician friends….I did not look in to it…. who this band is comprised of (ok…now I can take a breath from my run on rambling proliferation).






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