Song Reviews of the Week: Theme: Sports


“Tyson vs Douglas” by The Killers: 

Had a similar response on this song as I felt listening to the Fountains of Wayne song "All kind's of time"; just a really good sounding song that hit the spot for me.  Lots of interesting pieces that I would love to pick apart more some time in the not to distant future as a musical composition reference.  Hear a little bit of Arcade Fire in this too which is never a bad thing.

  “Golf Girl” by Caravan: 

Possibly the strangest lyrics I have heard in a long time. Golf Girl talks in morse and serves tea on a golf course. Me thinks there were was some psychedelics going on while this one was written. That flute outro just kicks ass. The song is excellent prog fun. Love it. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band came to my mind…perhaps the horn and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; the lyrics




Photo by Kindel Media: 

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