Word of the Day and Quote of the Week: Propitiate

“ …just do the work, go to the interview, see those first clients, you know for Dorothy, just keep going down that yellow brick road, feel the feelings, feel the fear, feel your inadequacy and Do-It-Anyway. Just keep going and keep doing it because somehow the experience of confronting the tests, the challenges, etc, have a tendency to accrue in the psyche and then the linking symbol will appear”

Deborah Stewart


linking or bridging symbols

the ruby slippers symbolize Dorothy's ability to return home. She searched for a way home the entire movie and all along her power to do this was just three heel clicks away.
the diploma enables the Scarecrow to recognize his wisdom
the ticking heart clock enables the tin man to recognize his large heart
the medal enables the lion to recognize his mighty courage

summary: step out and take the risk.  You can do more than you think you can. Your offering will propitiate the gods





Photo by Dylan Hunter on Unsplash