Song Reviews for the Week: Theme: Crime Plays

Theme: songs that in some way deal with, or reference a crime or any of its components.

“Guilty” by Gravity Kills: Hearing Nine Inch Nails all over this one and that is a good thing. Powerful, tight kick and bass and brooding vox alongside electric guitar that sizzles. What’s not to like.

“Murder by Numbers” by The Police: I thought about this one. This song always had a certain something that sticks with you and will not go. I am pretty sure I will be singing this for the rest of the day now. Funny how dissonant and offkey the guitar chords sound. Never really noticed that before but I like the effect.


“Thieves” by Ministry: Slow build ….pent up energy….will this be an anthem? Tight bass, kick and guitar all chugging along just forcing you to bob your head to the music and think about jumping to the beat. The bridge pause was a good move as it carried into the next build with even more power…well done. If going for an angry mob feel….mission accomplished. Entertaining.

“Intruder” by Peter Gabriel: I am a big fan going in of the Peter Gabriel sound techniques and music in general. This is a fine album…Biko, Biko…oh oh oh Biko….(get your lighters in the air). This song has some excellent, creative things going on that just keep me leaning in…….until I am all in..melting.


9/2/23 9:18 AM 

“Love Crimes” The Jim Carroll Band: Raw energy with a catchy chorus. A fun group sing-along type vibe. Seems vaguely familiar to me…not sure if it is me remembering the song or it sounds like another artist/song that is not quite coming to the front of mind.

“Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” by Cher: Haven’t heard this one in a good long while. Fun to revisit. There a parts of the song that really grabbed hold of me in a good way and others that sound a bit cheesy musically. On the whole…glad it was offered up.

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