Album Number Five: Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade


Over the last two years I have created and shared 9 original songs with you. I plan to now place these already released singles into an album format. I guess I am old school that way. I expect to release this album on 4 September 2020.  One of my singles was called "Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade".  It was such a strange title that I just couldn't resist making it the name of the album itself!   

Since I have released this music already as singles, most of you have already heard these particular creations.  However, I also remain busy cobbling away at new music and have several in the final stages of forging.    I hope to share these new creations with you soon.  Stay Tuned and Thank You for sharing in the music making process with me.  Knowing your ears are out there listening warms my heart.  I appreciate your support!

Have a Fantastic Weekend 🤟   


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