Here's a Fresh Playlist this week.

One of the perks of using this site "Bandzoogle" is that they will allow me to distribute approximately 5 singles worth of music "free" a year through CdBaby who have been my default music alligator, I mean aggregator (that's a big boy word of the day) since I started doing this music creation stuff in earnest (second word of the day).   Yes, there are other costs; like fees for bar codes and fees for publishing but I won't complain.  I am getting ready to bug them for a coupon code and hope I am in my allotted time period to be eligible for one.  I'll find out soon enough I guess.  

My next song has this crazy bridge section that I am wondering what to do with.  I need a couple more spins to tweak and finalize it.  It sounds like this building anthem that sort of resonates into higher and higher orbits of angst (third word of the day).