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My latest song is called “BE ALL YOU”.  Here a little bit about how I created it.  I became curious about the arrangement development and transition process that different artist use during the course of a song.  The main question I was dealing with was what are the subtle things a composer does to keep the song interesting throughout the entire song arrangement? 

Human Beings like repetition but not duplication.  What I mean is that we like to grab hold of a catchy melody or rhythm and desire coming back to it a couple of times throughout a song. However, we notice when it’s an exact copy of something we have heard earlier in the song (we are very smart creatures).  I have been guilty of copying an earlier verse or chorus and plopping it note for note down later in the song…DON”T DO THIS.   It is important to add something new, different and exciting as the song progresses.   Give the listener something new every step of the way.   During this song I learned from other artists who are very good at this and tried to emulate some of there techniques.      

I continued my study of sampling during this latest musical project.  What better genre than Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to showcase the technology.  This song is called “Be All You” which rolled off the tongue so easy and blended so well with my particular groove established early on in the song.  As is typical with EDM you will hear plenty of tension building synthesizer magic teamed up with EDM traditional “four to the floor” kicks.  This partnership often ending in pregnant pauses or nail biting drum fills foreshadowing what is famously known in EDM as the “Drop” where all that tension explodes into an epic Chorus eruption.    

I used software known as Kontakt for the sampling.  There is a lot under the “hood” here and I have much to learn.  I used my own voice as the experimental fodder and basically split it up into slices and mapped them to my keyboard keys.  Then, via special algorithms in the software, essentially “time stretched” my voice to my songs own tempo.   This process maintained the rhythmic integrity to my voice slices despite the pitch changes (remember; typically if you bring something up in frequency it wants to play faster .....the chipmunk voice effect….I did not want that).   You can here examples of this “vocoder” like effect sprinkled throughout the song.  What fun.  

SO who cares about all this technical crap anyway.  They key is that the song has to hold up on its own and actually be GOOD.  I believe I have achieved that as I noticed I want to dance when I listen to it.  You will have to decide for yourself ; )   Thanks Again for listening and please enjoy my latest "all original" musical plunge. 

Thanks for allowing me to share my music creation process with you and hope this inspires you to create something new yourself. 


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