You can listen to my new song called Comatose from my home web site here: Comatose or from any of your favorite streaming platforms (Youtube
Spotify, Apple Music, etc) and on Pandora radio here: Comatose.


This one pays serious homage to the 80's.  I have been recently overdosing on the show "Stranger Things".  I have become enamored with the Duffy Brother's love of 80's synth's and 808 midi drum sounds.   I was determined to reproduce some of these sounds while also creating something unique, original and wholly my own.   This one deliberately (perhaps to a fault) starts out dripping in super midi four corner square "quantized" synth geekdom but hang in there folks.  I then slowly begin morphing, bending and yawing the frequencies like crazy adding in more and more organic pulse,  width and gnarly movement.   It made me swoon and smile to the rhythms and growls and kept me focused. The song took me over and soon sneaked out of a four cornered box and began to snake its way into a life force of its own.     As an independent and solo artist I get to create whatever I feel like.  This is one I just felt like.  Not sure how it will be heard by others but I was in heaven creating it.  The song "comatose" is now yours dear listener.  I hope you enjoy some of the new 80's sounds and textures I have now sent ringing like a bell through the cosmos.   As you progress through the song you will hear snippets of the "Charlie Brown Song" .  Don't ask me why but this rhythm just popped into my skull and wouldn’t let go. Later, if you listen close, you will hear the Close Encounters "contact" melody.  Why are they in the song?  They all surfaced in that dreamlike way like faint memories bubbling out of an 80's cauldron.?  My brain is full of endless surprises…some are scary too…..Shore It Up!  Are you Awake?  I hope I am.  It's ok Baby, It's alright Darling;  I'm Comatose.