Escher: A Meandering Ponder

Hello Dear Listener, It is interesting how I produce a song.  If you are listening to my new song Escher for the first time, or if you will be listening to it shortly (it will be released on 02 APR 21 as of this writing), please know that I myself have already listened to the song approximately 1 Million 700 fifty thousand and two times. I am joking, however, I have indeed listened to this song many, many times during both the crafting and mastering stages.  This is the same pattern for all my songs and I suspect it is the same pattern for any music song writer and producer.  My point is, since it is my song, I have a certain unconditional love for it, even if I think it will not necessarily be one of my best. In other words,  I never really get sick of it.  It is part of me somehow.  Yes, perhaps I may have some form of pervasive, neurotic obsessive compulsive need to endlessly loop and tweak a song into oblivion but that is another matter : ).  To wrap this Blog up: I just love creating music and appreciate that you are here joining me in my continued creation journey.  Much Gratitude. 

Cheers to You 


Photo by Marcus Wöckel from Pexels