I decided to change up my creative approach on this project.  By this I mean I began listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) for inspiration.  This got the juices flowing as it is not my traditional cup of tea.      

I started with a simple but thick steady kick thud and then experimented with percussive synth rhythms until one clicked. This took several weekends of tinkering time to settle on. I then built the rest of the song around that center of gravity.  This song is synth heavy and percussive as one might expect with EDM.  

I used my outboard TC Helicon Voice Live 2 to create "harmonic" layers to my singing.    I hope no one was outside walking their dog while I was doing this because to avoid music bleed I have to sing with the music playing through headphones.  My voice ain't great so I am sure that an outsider passing the house probably thought someone inside was dying a slow and horrible death.   However, listening to my "live" processed voice through headphones was fun beyond description.  The mix levels I had while singing were sitting real nice and conspired to allow me to really go crazy with experimentation while I endlessly looped parts of the song. Good thing my family wasn't home...they would surely have strangled me.    

I hear flaws but I feel safe (I hope) sharing it amongst friends.  Perhaps I will revisit it in several months time and fix the rough edges.  

Until then, I will continue "Falling Off My Edges".  



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