Channel that inner Freak

Fresh Playlist this week!

Last weekend I gathered with some long-time friends and we played some live music garage band style.  What a blast.  We dusted off some old originals, played a few covers and re-remembered some blasts from the past: "You can play along satisfy the they, meet the right people, say the right words, you'll be on your way hey hey".  I hope they figure out that last chord ; ).  Probably a D.   Anyway, some fine brews, good conversation and the barley wine and port next to a camp fire capped the night off nicely.  Here's to good friends....Cheers.

I am beginning to prep my next song for final mastering.  It is an odd one that I have been hesitating on finishing and/or releasing to the public.  Why? I am just not sure that it's ready for prime time and I second guess myself.  However, I am also done tinkering with it and I must move onward.   So, because it is odd I will share it.  It will most likely be a song that will help glue my next album together somehow.  It will be necessary, and therefore beautiful.   It is called Freak.  It is a shout out to all those who may have felt they were outsiders, misfits or never quite good enoughs during their younger years or perhaps even today. You all rock and you all are enough.  Hang in there. You are beautiful just the way you are.

I will release this one with out much pre-release chatter or fanfare.  I am told this is not smart but I was never good with this pre-release crap anyway.  It will just appear from the void one day.  I hope you find it and I hope it brings out your inner Freak too.



Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels