Fresh Playlist and Reflections off an old Upright

Fresh Playlist.  This one celebrates woman artists.

The house I grew up in has an old Baldwin upright piano in the living room.  It is still there.  I used to sit on its creaky seat for hours and play it.  I actually enjoyed practice. My mother was my first teacher. Since that beginning, I have gone from dabbling in playing classical music, to jamming with friends in basements playing rock/pop originals, to playing out live with cover bands and finally creating my own DIY releasable music productions.  I have really loved the whole craft of creating original music.  Taking an initial concept and giving it life through sound design, performance, music arrangement, lyric writing, mixing, mastering and the music release process has been a mind boggling learning experience for me.  Since about 2011 I have created more than a handful of songs.  Some are good, some are not so good….and I learn something new with every song.