Fresh Playlist and a Fresh Quote!

Happy Friday,  Here is a Fresh Playlist for your weekend ears.  Hope you are doing well and please keep an eye out for my new song called Freak.  It is due to officially release on 04 June 21!!  You can find it on this website or any of your streaming platforms.

Quote of the Week:

I come out of my creative state at some point to look through what I have created and find enough pieces that make me think, "That's really good. I should share that". But all the time spent creating, if I'm in the right frame of mind, is not really so much about "is it good, or is it bad?"  There's just a lot of joy in it, in having created something at all.  I don't feel as bad about other things.  I don't necessarily feel high, or overly joyed. I just feel like, "Oh, I'm not wasting my time."......Jeff Tweedy....How to Write One Song

Thank You



Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels