It ain't right

I have a new single scheduled for release next Friday.  It focuses on the tragic situation going on in Ukraine.

Here is the news clip that informed the song's development.  This was not deliberate.  My mind must have been ruminating on Ukraine and this particular article became the attractor.

I will get into a bit more detail on the song in my next blog but if you watch this attached video you'll understand.

This situation in Ukraine is sad and frustrating. One feels quite helpless as we stare at TV screens until we can not stare any longer.  My song will not make it any better but perhaps someday it will make its way to Andriy.  If he wants to add some of his guitar riffs to the song I stand ready to splice them in.

My thoughts are with you Andriy and to all the courageous people of Ukraine.






Photo by Stephanie Souza