Little League Music Release!


I have just released an original song called "Little League".  Please join me for a lyric video Youtube premiere EVENT at 0900 a.m. today; Friday 10 APR 20.  That is like very close to now sport fans!  So you better be there or you will miss out on what billions of other eager fans from around the world will get to experience! 

Click Here to go to the video that will air at exactly 0900 a.m.: Little League . At the heart of this song is the funky acoustic guitar and a dry session kick drum with samples called afro beat.  The rest of the song is really vocally driven.  I spent a lot of time trying to match the "sound" of the words and syllables to the rhythms as much as possible.  This took priority over the meaning of the phrases in some cases. I tweaked for meaning only if the change would still maintain the percussive/plosive vocal tones.  Needless to say I spent too much time looping through sections to capture a "best effect"   This is a short song  because it just felt right to end it when I did.    Enjoy and let me know what you think.  Also the instrumental/bridge section was kept fairly simple but has many subtle interesting add-ons if you listen closely. 

Thank You