Oh, that is just so 80's Dude!

Greetings!,  As many of you know, I am a child of the 80's.  I have recently been enjoying a show called Stranger Things which is set in the 80s where much of the clothes, conversation and artifacts they present throughout the show keep me very entertained. Yes, I am easily amused. The soundtrack to the show is very well done; tip of the hat to the music supervisor for this series.  I especially love the vibe of the theme song and the very, very 80s era use of midi drums and synths.  I attempted to emulate that vibe and feel in my latest song called?  I am still deciding on a title.  It will be called Comatose or Shore It Up. If I remember correctly, I went with that distinctive 808 drum thump, that rubbery synth bass sound and a very liberal use of side-chaining just for the fun of it. I also provided heavy dosage of that classic saw tooth synth sound with added sweeping filters across the landscape.This song was a blast to make and it will be hitting the airwaves very soon.  Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by my music cave for a peak into my music creation world....Dave