OUR TIME (new song release in two weeks)


Here is an update on my latest musical meanderings. 

I used to make original music on an old four-track player. It is so interesting to listen back and to hear how "bad" this music sounded (tape hiss and warble) when referenced against "today's" digital environment standards. However, these weaknesses also had a tremendous endearing quality to my ears and I attempted to capture that sentiment in my new song called "Our Time". The song has a nostalgic feel upfront and then transitions into an uplifting and moving arrangement at the end. 

The song will be available to stream on Spotify in two weeks and I am hoping it will get on a Spotify Playlist (Release Radar or other) to reach more ears but this is probably a long shot. 

Once it releases you all will be the first to know.  Thank You for sharing a moment with me and I hope you are having a great day! 



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