Raw Material


I often have a couple of songs in various stages of development.  They sit fermenting on the shelf. My hope is to release them eventually with a bit of final light tweaking. Some sit many weeks, some sit for years and some will always sit I suspect. However, during the creation to arrangement phase I am laser focused on only one song at a time.  I cast out all distractions or other song ideas flitting for my attention.   Life imposes enough constraints.  I sit down and create music despite them.  The songs that make it to the point of being blogged about are mature from my perspective.  I do not share my super fresh stuff because I do not have confidence in it yet.   In addition, the release process takes time and I work on songs in the pipeline over about a two month period if I am lucky.  The release and promotion process are not my strengths.  I like the creating and music design side of things. I mix as I create. This is built into my creation process now. I also mix as I master.  These aspects of music production are no longer as distinct as they once were.  My latest artistic expression will probably be officially released in about a year and the song at that time may be morphed slightly.  I am betting this latest particular song will not be changed much.   I am curious about that too and will let you know at the time it officially streams.




Photo by Geraud pfeiffer from Pexels

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