What do Escher, Omnisphere and a Roland D50 Synthesizer all have in common?


The Roland D50 with 4 layers of sound 

The Omnisphere plugin is one of my favorite go to in the box synths.  One of their sound design libraries recreated the sound of the classic 1987 Roland D-50 synth. I myself still own a Roland Juno alpha which I rarely use anymore but which I am still attached to.  They named this particular preset Escher's Staircase.  It was a major contributing piece of the textural landscape of my latest song.  I think this and the line in my song that goes " I can't explain the unexplained" were factors in my decision to name the song Escher. The music has a certain surreal vibe to it that also may have been a factor.   The lyrics have something to do with loss and yearning.   Those two emotions make good stories. So I decided to use them to make my own.