Still Dancing on Tea Leaves I see


I have a Thing 1 and a Thing 2  

Thing 1:  I have completed a rough draft demo of a new song.  It does indeed have a slight Stones guitar vibe in one section of the song. I'll call it the post chorus section for now.  During this post chorus I also sing a string of non sensical howling sounds well out of my range.  What fun.  I share them with you here as a taste test for your enjoyment and/or torture.  This song is now ready to be placed in the simmer pile to be returned to in probably a couple of months to re-listen, tweak, re-mix, if necessary, and then placed in the mastering kiln.  This seems to be my creative process flow.  I do not know why; it just is. "Still Dancing on Tea Leaves, I see". 

Song Snippet

Thing 2: I am edging closer to my next formal song release. This process generally takes about a month or two to complete, sometimes longer.  The video snippet provides a small hint of the single title.  Fun Fact: This particular song demo was drafted almost one year ago. Stay tuned for more on this song in future Blogs as I proceed through the release process.

Have a Great Weekend All!.




Video by Julia Repnikova from Pexels

photograph by Ricardo Esquivel