Submarine Sandwich

Here is a fresh playlist.  I will add Submarine to this playlist on Friday once it hits the streets!

I am also in the process of finalizing a video to accompany the song that I will share with you at 10 am sharp Friday morning. If you are not their at that precise time you will miss out on the adventure of your lifetime!

Submarine has a very un-traditional mid section bridge where I essentially just shout from the top of a mountain top with a growling guitar and a bit of heart.   The change in song style and tempo at this point dis-orient because I felt like walking outside the expected lines of a traditional ABABCB song arrangement. The slow burn build has impact because it smolders, swells, intensifies and then goes boom; literally. In the end, why is the middle so behind?  I just do not know.  

I am really hungry for a Philly style hoagie for some reason.