Thank You


The album “In the Dust of this Planet” is now fully uploaded on my web site at and available for free download (no strings).  This download comes with bonus material in the form of liner notes and lyrics.  I have made my first album “Love’s Marrow” available for free download as well (no strings).  You can also (optionally) acquire a hardcopy CD for $5 if you are interested via paypal.  The $5 goes mainly to cover the cost of CD creation, material cost and mailing fees.  Finally, I have used a company called to distribute my music to retailers (e.g. Amazon, iTunes) and streaming services (e.g. Spotify, You Tube, iHeart Radio etc.).  Check them out if you are curious.

If you like any of what you hear please feel free to share with your friends.    

Thank You, Thank You and Thanks Again for taking the time out of your busy lives to give my music a listen.  I greatly appreciate. You are the Best.  I will be updating my blog periodically so check it out every now and then.  Hope to see you around town : )...............much Love


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