The submarine has been "Canvasized"

I made a Spotify Canvas of my new song Submarine.  This is a short snippet of video clip less the 8 seconds long that makes the experience of streaming a particular song on Spotify (in this case my song Submarine) a bit more interesting.  Check it out on Spotify.  I tried it on one of my earlier song's as well a couple of months ago and may add others over time.  The process to do this is fairly time intensive but I am starting to get the hang of it.  The key is to find video software that will allow you to make a 9 by 16 frame.  That is the size of a Smart Phone screen and that is the only type of hardware a Spotify Canvas will play on.  I found some freeware online to assist me in this journey. I still needed my iMovie to make the video itself and then I uploaded a shorter snippet of my work to the freeware to size it for Spotify (yes, kind of a pain).   So you are out of luck if you are using a web browser to stream Spotify music for the time being. Ok,  that is all from me and look for the drop of my new song on streaming platforms on 9 July 21 or get it now through any of the means I provide on this website (My home site anchor point).

Thank You



Photo by Lorena Martínez from Pexels