I am back.......The song "Toe the Line" took many, many hours to create.  As I look back on the development of all my original music, I see this is a repeating theme.  I want it to be easier but it rarely is.  It takes much effort and perseverance.  The song creation work for me can be frustrating but in a very good way.  It is always, always worth the effort and I am almost always pleased with the result.   I find that the mini failures as I build, tear down, tweak and refine a song's arrangement, rhythms,  tones and lyrics into existence is a joyful, terrifying, easy, hard, painful and mesmerizing process all at the same time.  

Starting is difficult.  Working through doubt is difficult.  Sharing the music with others (for me) is difficult.   Starting a song is hard because I am conscious of the scope before me; the creative field is too wide. I must set limits and just do it.   Doubt; makes you second guess and criticize everything you are doing.  Keep going despite this. Sharing makes you vulnerable; Share anyway.  

There is a certain concentrated, happy space I sink into when I am working at my best. Not unlike, practicing on an upright piano for hours and hours when I was a child.  Not unlike, playing new music with good friends,  Not alike, playing music live before a crowd.  I had a lot of fun playing around with the stereo field on this song and adding subtle rhythmic and tonal changes as song progresses.   I also fooled around with "sampling" as you will hear in the intro, bridges and outro.  

Recommend you use headphones AND CRANK IT UP but brace yourself.  The song is MEANT to agitate ,but hopefully, in an enjoyable way.  I am very pleased with song #5 as I march onward towards a new album.

Let me know what you think.

Thank You





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