Trout Fishing In America

Excuse me, I said. I thought you were a trout stream. 

I'm not, said the 0.1%" 

 David Husted 



I plan to release my new song about "Trout Fishing in America" on Friday, 19 June 2020. 

I happened to surf across an article about Richard Brautigan. I found the story mildly interesting. The article's author was writing about a recent biography that had come out about Brautigan.  The  picture he painted of the man did not seem flattering.  In fact, he made him sound like a real misogynistic, drunken asshole which I am sure he very well may have been.  However, what caught my eye in his write-up was a reference to Brautigan's book called "Trout Fishing in America".  

I recall chuckling at the way the article's author stated Brautigan used the phrase "trout fishing" or "trout stream" in ways that made the reader double-take. Some of the book's cultural popularity was misleadingly due to that title's use in the more conventional sense. However, Brautigan would personify the phrase "trout fishing" onto people or places or things throughout the book. This was un-conventional for the time and trippy to me. It created a sort of ear-worm of magic on me during my own song development process. It was a needed hit of hippie, beat generation, creative juice just in the nick of time. The trout stream which had been simmering for close to a year was dusted off, revised and finally completed.  

This song may be about my ongoing discontent with the state of our world. It may be about my deep conviction that we can and will do better. It may be about my general state of happiness despite the world we live in. It may be about trout fishing in America.  

Thank You for sharing a moment with me. I appreciate your friendship as I continue to cobble my musical creations together one trout fish at a time. 

Here's to you with much gratitude. 



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