Waves: Youtube Video scheduled to premiere Friday, 13 NOV 20! 


Good Morning! 

I have a Youtube Video scheduled to premiere Friday, 13 NOV 20 at 0900 a.m.  You can access the video at my home website here: davidhusted.com or go to the video direct on youtube at this link:  Waves.  Also, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel at: Dave's Youtube Channel.  Subscribing helps me stay connected and incentivizes me to keep creating.  If you have a Youtube channel let me know and I will reciprocate the loveI Thank You! 

If you have not yet experienced a Youtube Video Premiere, now is your chance!  I think watching the clock tick down while the Youtube premiere music plays is kind of cool to watch just prior to the actual video release. Just know that you will have to get to the video at least a minute or two before the video starts at 0900 a.m. for that particular feature to work. You feel like you are at the movie theatre before the film begins (popcorn optional).  Anyway, Thanks Youtube!  So; set yourself a reminder, pour yourself a cup of good coffee, drop that work stuff, forget about your worries and enjoy my latest musical release called: Waves! You will not be disappointed. 

It was a blast to create!. I appreciate your encouragement as I continue to walk the path of original music making.  I wish you all the very best and have a great weekend!