When Rome Came Down

Well.......I created a song way back in March of 2020.  If you can think back to that timeframe there was really only one main topic; COVID 19.  At the time, it had not hit the United States in any major way yet.  The news was reporting that it was now wreaking havoc in Italy and cameras were providing visuals of many towns in Italy shutting down (I presume Rome was part of this).  

I think this is when it first hit me that COVID19 was serious and the first wisps of fear were wafting up my spine. We had far less concrete information than we do today as to how the virus propagates etc and how deadly it is/was.  We also had no vaccine in sight or even a possibility of one at that time.

One day my work told me to go home and start teleworking.  We are still largely in telework mode today, though this has lightened up a bit. A new normal.

So; this is when the song I plan to release in a couple of weeks was largely developed. I have tweaked it a bit since that timeframe but most of the "meat" of the song emerged back then and it is also why the song ended up being titled "Rome".  That is where the lyrics ended up centering themselves.

I held off on releasing the song back then because everything was a bit too raw. I just did not feel like presenting anything related to a virus; too much of a downer I guess.

Now, time has rounded the edges of the rawness a bit (despite upticks lately) and I plan on including this in my next total album offering.  This means I would like to officially release the single now.

I am sure I will have a bit more to say about this subject over the next few weeks but that is all for now.

I hope you are having a great day











Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels