Wild Overgrown Love

Wild Overgrown Love 

By David Husted 

A Henry Jamison song called Real Peach grabbed my attention and I decided to dissect it.  I do this often with songs and usually I lose interest or move on.  This particular song continued to pester my dreams because of the unique chord tones.   I think the draw was its deceivingly simple acoustic sound on the surface. I was in the mood to simplify.   However, surprise!, this song is also deceivingly complex.  Just beneath the primary guitar you'll note unique atmospheric pad textures, the reverb ebb and flow, the percussive accoutrements, the vocal harmonies, and the prime vocal intimacy.   This song was anything but simple in the end and I like a challenge. 

So……I returned and decided to use some of its best pieces as an inspiration for my next song.   If you listen to both songs back to back you will probably NOT hear similarities on the surface because as my song grew it diverged pretty widely from the source material.  However, if you delve in a bit closer you will probably hear some congruent chord shapes (although a different key) and chord arrangement similarities.  Is this against the rules?  I'll let you decide. 

 I love to watch how an idea blooms into a completed project and takes on a character all its own.  My song was a complete failure relative to it's emulation of the Jamison song strong points (and that is probably for the best);  Yet!, A song was created, none the less, and I, of course, am willing to share the good, bad and ugly with you.   The song creation process on this one twisted along different and always interesting trails, dead ends and occasionally bumped up against beautiful vistas.  I personally hear its many flaws but it was time to let it fly away.  Enjoy! 

May your unrelenting, relent; may your uncomprehending, comprehend and may you  dance with bewilderment. 

Peace and Happy New Year!  


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