Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade

My latest song is called Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade.   You are invited to join me for the song release premiering on Youtube at 10 am Saturday 15 FEB 2020.  The Youtube link is right here:   Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade.  I will also send out another post with the link tomorrow morning.  Thank You for sharing a moment with me!  

Some song creation background for those who care to dig a little deeper:  

The Chorus has a psychedelic vibe to it but with its own unique twists and turns.  I tried not to box myself into corners with my lyrics and used a very open ended process to my word smithing.  I felt know need to present you anything too "air-tight" in terms of story or arrangement.  This is what I love about song writing. I toss up ideas (the crazier the better) and see what happens.  Once I have a kaleidoscope of working pieces I gently mold them into forms that contain loose tendrils of cohesiveness and meaning but only just barely.  This is one of those song's I created with no preconceptions or creative borders and I just let my mind go where it wanted to.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it is a disaster.  In this case I arrived at something I liked enough to share with you.  

Never mind that Dave, what is the song about?  

It has something to do with the excruciating beauty of a sunrise.  It has something to do with love.  It has something to do with how quickly time moves forward.  It has something to do with how impermanent everything really is (including us).  It has something to do with how lucky we are to be the tiniest spark of a flame witnessing this miracle before us for the most minuscule parenthesis in time.  It has something to do with stepping out of my self imposed cage, and yet not running away and hiding.  It has something to do with staring this beautiful, wild catastrophe of existence right in the face and enjoying the ride.   Far Out Dude. Now go put your favorite tie dye shirt on, grab a cup a coffee and listen to my song : )!   Groovy Man…..Will Do!  

May your corners curve like lemonade.  Have a great weekend!.  

Thank You!