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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality
by David Husted

This cartoon menagerie
is that orange, is that tangerine
ah the test of not enough, sometimes I want to light it up
standing wasted in the lies, the very depths of my entire

Virtual Reality

surrounded by such nonsense, each fear crowds into the next
keep shaking their jewelry, inside the bubble of my

Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality

Tales wagging that dog while I'm croaking like a frog
believe anything puppets on a string
and if you second guess gonna beat my chest until you turn to me
Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality
and when the upsides down I'll spread those lies around, it's a malady
virtual reality


we need to use reason
I reject your ways that divide us
I stand for our children
I stand for the moment
I stand for our future
Dont let fear deceive us
so step off your sidelines
and bold face your bylines
can we feel , can we feel again
listen to the whispers of the ancient deat

{repeat verse 2)