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David Husted

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Captured Fragments

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"Unleashing Musical Wizardry, One Note at a Time. Crafting Sonic Stories from Captured Fragments of Inspiration."

I  make music. I make lyrics. I feel compelled. This is  a form of joy and "awesomeness" in my life.

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Captured Fragments and Other Reflections

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the news of my long-awaited new album! It's like a magical genie that grants you the boon and good fortune of infectious melodies and lyrics that will tickle your funny bone, bringing you waves of joy that even unicorns envy!

Making original music does feel bigger than me and my infinite reasons not to do this.  Despite challenges, I do it anyway. I am compelled.  Most of these obstacles can be sourced to my very own chattering mind. I pursue my muse despite these voices.   

I make all my music in-the-box.  Yes, I am somewhat of a recluse but that is not exactly  what I mean by in-the-box : )  


I make my music in-the-box

Then, what do you mean Dave?    

I create much of my music sounds and textures via instrument plug-ins that live inside a computer. This means I can emulate any instrument. I am a band. I am an orchestra. I AM CREATING MAN. ART AND SCIENCE COMBINED IN ONE PERFECT BOOK. They were actually old lyrics of mine (Just ask Ed). Anyway, I'll need to dust that song off some day. I am also a moderately  capable  keyboardist. Mostly, I form good habits around music creation.  I sit down and JUST DO IT.   

In my spare time I also play in a cover band locally called WildGood for fun. We Rock!. 

My primary interest is in creating new original music. My creative inclination and time constraints mash together and drive me ever forward on to the next musical inspiration clawing for freedom inside my skull.  In this respect, I behave more like an artist painter or a sculptor. 

A painter of music. My ability to readily replicate what I have created would be as hard for me as it would be for a cover band to learn any new song.  This drive to create has somehow created six albums in the last ten years.  You can hear how the learning  curve and genre influences evolve from album to album. I am always curious and always learning for better or for worse….hopefully more better.

So what does that make me? I am a songwriter and a music producer.  I have created many released singles. Please check them out on your favorite music streaming platform.  I am also an excellent music mixer and mastering engineer but these are mainly means to a creative end.  If you have a song that needs mixing or mastering give me a shout.  I have created five albums and this one, called Captured Fragments will be my latest and current greatest (at-least according to my biggest fan). 

Please give my music a listen. A fantastic music podcast called Derringer Discoveries has recognized several of my songs on their super playlists and excellent podcasts; “Moonbeam Blue”, “Chugging Down the Qi”,"Drawbridge" and “Pilgrim” to name a few.  I am grateful to them. Check them out here.  I am also thankful for communities like SoundCloud and other Spotify play-listers for there recognition of my music and continued support.  Deep bow of gratitude to these music networks.

Finally, a toast to YOU the reader of this write-up. YOU who have somehow found your way here this very moment.  You, who have read this far. You, who have given my songs a spin. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I am possibly the worst self-promotor ever so please feel free to share my art with friends or on your preferred social networks. It means a bunch and I truly appreciate.

Now, I present to you my next original solo album: Captured Fragments in its entirety.  Much of the album consists of singles I have already released, however, the very last song called Sapiens I snuck in there as a bonus track . Enjoy. Please consider downloading the album with a small donation. This kindness keeps the lights on in the studio and the cold winter winds off my back (actually, as I write this, it is blistering hot and muggy outside). There is a groundhog and wild rabbits outside my windows scampering about collecting apples from an apple tree on the backside of the yard and the rain is about to pour down a second time this morning. I sip a coffee. Life is Good. Let all that other shit roll off your backs. 

And here's to a future filled with laughter, melodies, and the occasional harmonious mishap that keeps us entertained on this delightfully absurd journey called life!

Peace Out My Friends


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