From the recording Captured Fragments

As Halloween approaches, my next song offering will take the listener on a magical sonic journey into a phantasmagoric past. Close your eyes and put out your hands, you have just received the Duke's invitation to visit the mysterious estate of Bridgerdoom of Brigadoon. Out of the foggy bogs of the western marshes approaches a lantern lit horse carriage with a black tuxedoed driver in a tall top hat. He beckons you to step aboard and suggests it is best if you strap in tightly.

This piece was created all "in the box" so it is fairly synth heavy and electronic. It formed up mostly through creative playing around on my Ableton Live Push for percussive rhythms and using my Kurzweil Synth for attempts at more organic and melodic features. Suffice to say the song grew out of mostly creative layering of sounds and rhythms until something clicked and I went into "the zone" musically.

Word of caution, everything may not be quite as refined as it first seems within this awaiting castle of opulence and restraint. The music will spin you into a world full of court intrigue, ball rooms, perfumes, potions, colorful gowns, operatic drama, side long glances and steamy ribald ghostly romance. Enjoy the ride. There are plenty of curves and bumps to this adventure.

I experimented with arpeggiated sounds using controlled randomness (if that makes any sense). Ableton Live has several cool new tools in their latest S/W version to enable this. I also played with samples and sample friendly plug-ins. I was on a steep learning curve at that time into the art of slicing, chopping and transposing sounds. I know this can get boring for those not interested in the weeds of production so I will stop now : )

No one ever said true love was easy. The movie sound-track adaptation may be hitting Netflix or a Hall Mark Movie Channel any day now. Disclaimer: If you actually can't hear the storyline I have relayed in my previous Blogs when actually listening to the music you may also have to apply a sprig of your own active imagination too. Good Luck.

So, the song called Ghosts of Bridgerdoom was formed and is now presented to you for your own ghostly entertainment. As usual, it was a blast to create. I'll bid you farewell ladies and gentlemen with a deep bow of gratitude. Happy Halloween…..Enjoy the famous Ghosts of Bridgerdoom Ball and the music.