1. Photo Op

From the recording Captured Fragments

The singer and composer David Husted presents the single “Photo Op”. The song, which incorporates elements of indie rock and electronics, traces a lyric influenced by what was happening in the world at the time of the song's creation: one of these things was a narcissist with orange hair securing a bible and clearing up a peaceful protest with tear gas to allow his next photo op in front of the church. A holy moment indeed.


Photo Op
by David Husted

Dew drop dreams
Silly games
Buy some more stuff
Throw it away
Is it me?
Where did I go?
When we turn our backs
let them take it away.

They say it's gonna rain again
I don’t have an umbrella
They say its time to hate again
Photo ops and killing

Is it really so improbable?
State news and oligarchs selling fools
Make lies a game, and fear predominant
Shake the base of our democracy