1. Moonbeam Blue

From the recording Captured Fragments

Youtube Video of Moonbeam Blue: https://youtu.be/B9_n4zahcZU
Happy New Year and even more importantly, Happy Martin Luther King weekend.

We continue to move forward. The world can be difficult, frustrating, complex and sad. Yet……(queue long pause as we look up at the starry sky together) it can be quite beautiful despite this reality. A reality inside a reality. I catch glimpses of this world in the spaces in-between my chattering, worried, planning, catastrophizing incessant thoughts. It is the feeling that sits behind the other ones. It is the faintest echo of peace and happiness that can't quite be articulated without sounding corny. Some of you know what I am talking about. Music can tease this feeling out from hiding too. Life is so short and it seems to speed up with each passing year. A summer in child time can last years. Years in adult time can feel like moments. We are star dust. We are myth makers. We are ………something that is very good. You are something very good and my wish is for you to see this my friend for this New Year and the ones to follow. In your darkest corner, may you see a little light; Moonbeam Blue.

some details about the actual song below:

What's all that plucking about anyway Dave? This song captures that state of mind between awake and dream; sanity and madness. A place perhaps you have encountered yourself at times in life. It happens to be one of my personal favorite musical offerings of the year and the year is still so young. I hope you enjoy.


This song has a sweet laid-back arpeggiated Hawaiian ambiance counter-balanced by a reversed sampled pad effect that creates a more surreal edgy vibe that hints at the story to follow. This pad was created using recorded samples of reverb tails created from the very instruments playing in the song itself. This sample is then reversed and carved up a bit. This texture adds a strange, yet familiar feel and gluing effect that I liked.

The percussive sweetener details and the push and pull of room space as the song progresses were strong artistic design focus areas. They help to create and solidify the moonlit beach fire atmosphere. This crucible helped the luminosity of the vocal story-telling to come to life. Later I add a Chinese Yangqin instrumental section just because I could.



Moonbeam Blue
Words and music by David Husted

Moon Beam's
And I'll
Follow you

In the night
In the night

In the night
By the light
Of the fire
I lost my

near the pools
Along the sand
World between the do and don't
Of the mad

In the darkest corner
I can see a little light
Moon Beam Blue

In the darkest corner
I can see a little light
Hello, Moon Beam Blue