Melt Down

I had a recent external hard drive failure and I am trying to figure out how to re-build, piece together, find, re-map, extract, re-link, update (you get the picture) a pathway to some of my key music files, plug-ins and DAW related music libraries.....blah, blah, blah.  I often create multiple backups to different locations about once every 3 months so I think the worst case scenario is loss of key info from about 3 unpublished songs and definite loss of most of the material from my latest song. 

I feel like this blog picture today but I will be looking at ways at recovering the hard drive in the near future and perhaps my next blog post will have more color in it. Wish me luck. It is amazing how events like this can totally derail any creative momentum you had.

Of course, then I listen to music by regular folk just playing their made up tunes on Soundcloud or similar sites and I am amazed and often inspired by how wonderful it is. I especially enjoy coming across people that have no idea how very good their music is. And this lifts me out of the muddy muck of a f*&king external hard drive failure, keeps me above water level and able to seek wisps of ideas for my next original. 

Dave Out






Photo by Steve Johnson: