Carnac the Magnificent: Episode #3

On the tonight Show, Johnny Carson often played the role of “Carnac the Magnificent.” Carnac was an “omniscient soothsayer” who could “divine the answers to questions that were hermetically sealed in envelopes.” Carnac would hold the envelope up to his forehead, then give the answer, and then open the envelope and read the question. 


Here is my version of Carnac distilled into short blurbs about my thoughts on music making.  These pithy sage words of wisdom will be used, at a minimum, to motivate my particular artistic passion called music making.  However, if YOU get anything out of these breath taking pieces of epic wisdom you will have made my day as well.  Thank You for visiting.

First you have to step back and take a realistic view of your particular goals and life situation. The following are my personal answers. They may not be your personal answers.  Your answers to these questions are the right answers.

Answer 7: A songwriter and a music producer

Carnac says:  

  • What do you consider yourself ?
    1. a songwriter, 
    2. a music producer, 
    3. a performing artist, 
    4. all of the above 
    5. or a combination of the above. 


Answer 8: More than a hobby but less than a full time goal

Carnac says:  

  • What is music creation to YOU?
    1. A hobby
    2. A full time endeavor
    3. More than a hobby but less than a full time goal
    4. All of the above


Answer 9: Hell NO

Carnac says:  

  • Is it ok to use any of the following EXCUSES as a reason not to move forward in the direction of music making if that is what YOU really want to do?
    1. NO MONEY
    2. NO TIME
    3. NO SKILLS
    4. NO ENERGY






Photo by Alina Vilchenko: