I received a release thumbs up from both CdBaby and Spotify for my new song called "Our Time" for April 1st.  The only glitch in the prep process was with CdBaby.  They did not like the use of my first song picture which is provided below for reference.  Here was their comment. 

Dear David, 

In preparing your submission for distribution, we noticed an issue that requires your action. 

- The cover art you supplied includes a reference (words and/or images) to a specific physical or digital music format. We cannot accept cover art with words or images that reference a real or imaginary CD, MP3, Digital Version, DVD, BONUS DISC, vinyl, cassette tape, etc. Please upload different cover art before you resubmit. For more information, click: 

Here was the picture I originally submitted 


I don't think they liked the fact that you can see the TDK brand in the picture.  This is a bummer as I liked that picture and my daughter Rachel helped me out with the concept, layout and shot.  Oh well; Live and Learn;  I changed it to the below which is a picture of me on a rather large sailboat.  It is many, many years old and no I do not own that rather large sailboat. 


This concern also made me paranoid about the cover art I had uploaded to Spotify; so I went ahead and changed that yesterday but it may be too late (I'll keep my fingers crossed). 

Can't wait to share the song with you and thank you for sharing a moment with me "behind the scenes" of my music making escapades. Until next time,  Have a fantastic weekend! 



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