The Kettle and the Flame

Greetings,  Here are a few things going on in Dave's world of music.

  1. I am releasing a new single called The Kettle and the Flame on 15 September 2023 to all streaming services (This Friday!).
  2. My latest album called Captured Fragments was released to the world several weeks ago and it is thriving. Check it out!
  3. WildGood (the cover band I play in) is looking forward to rocking out with all of you at the Taphouse 1637 this Saturday, September 16th! Gig is 8 pm until 12 midnight.
  4. Listen to this weeks TMR Countdown - September 2023. It has some great new music and if you listen all the way through you will get to hear my voice for about 20 seconds on the podcast. The first one who spots it on the podcast wins! I sound wonderful ; )

Have a fantastic weekend!